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Cecelia Martin

Senior Director

Helping individuals advance in their careers, individuals who may be otherwise overlooked if not for the Modern approach, is personally meaningful for me. I always strive to positively impact, and potentially, change the lives of the people I encounter.

Cecelia Martin is a Senior Director at Modern working in the HR space with over ten years experience in organization and management consulting.

Prior to joining Modern, Cecelia was a Senior Management Consultant with Gallup, working with clients across the nation to increase organizational performance through change management and manager development, designing solutions to help client companies strengthen organizational culture and improve employee, physician, and patient engagement. Her portfolio included several large organizations in the healthcare, post-secondary higher education, and government industries.

Cecelia received her bachelor’s degree in human communication studies with a minor in Afro-ethnic studies from California State University, Fullerton. She obtained her master’s in leadership and organizational studies from Azusa Pacific University.

Cecelia served as a member of Gallup’s Diversity Advisory Council, where she partnered with a select group of leaders within Gallup to identify creative and effective ways to build awareness and create behavioral change on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion among Gallup associates across the U.S. It is this drive to create more inclusion and accessibility in career advancement that led her to Modern.